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I love Art, especially WatercoIor Art I have my whole life. I am sharing some of my work on this site,  I hope you like it.  Most are Original pieces, some are giclee Prints of the original pieces.   Check it out in Art for Sale.

Art gives us hope, happiness, and freedom to be silly!

I paint because I need to create. I see auras of color everywhere. My need to feel the emotions of all colors and bring those color emotions into my paintings has brought me to this stage of my life where I want to share my delight and skills of all things color with you. Color makes me feel alive and confident. 

This is me in my watercolor studio with Lilly, my canine assistant.
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Choose your  course level


Beginning Your Watercolor Journey

A basic course starting with how and what supplies to use. You will learn the color wheel, as well as basic techniques, needed in your path of creativity. 


Continuing Your Watercolor Journey

You will paint a Still Life, Landscape, Floral, Seascape using your newly acquired skills of color. If you follow along incorporating all my fun and silly tips with all the serious stuff,  you will gain confidence and success.



Enjoying Your Watercolor Journey

Using all your newly acquired watercolor knowledge, skill, and creativity, you are on your way to creating your first Masterpiece. You will start using your color magic to grow your creativity.



A critique is a professional assessment and feedback crafted about one painting. It can be from one of these classes or any painting you have created.

One of my students painting with her watercolor paints in class.

A word from my

You will be amazed at what the Beginning students have accomplished...
                                                             I was!!!!  You will amaze yourself!

"Bobbin was my instructor for a recent Watercolor class in my community which I really enjoyed.  I learned many new things in each class.  I found her to be a very encouraging and positive instructor." 

—Arlene Speiser

Looking for a Watercolor class packed with information and lots of fun? Bobbin is a South Florida Artist whose works showcase her sense of joy and love of color.  Grab your paints and bring your silly!

 Her sense of joy and her love of color is contagious and evident in all her beautiful works.  A class with Bobbin is packed with information and fun! 

- Barb Lentz

Art~Sea Living

"Bobbin is a great watercolor teacher.  I took many classes with her and three other students in our Community.  She explains things well and always has samples of techniques. I really enjoyed the classes that included lessons, doing our own thing and a few laughs. Definitely recommend her!" 

—Arlene Sapoff

"Since taking the watercolour course with Bobbin I've enjoyed painting and playing with various techniques. I had no previous experience and thought I had no talent but Bobbin taught us the basics and encouraged us to experiment. She is very animated and made it fun to be in class."

—Carol Culig

Upcoming Events

Paint~A~Long Mondays

Paint ~A~ Long Fridays at 7:00 pm 
$10.00 a class on Zoom
Go to Paint~A~Longs to register.

Seasonal themes

 Paint~A~Long Saturdays

Paint ~A~ Long Saturdays at 10:00 am.
$10.00  a Class on Zoom
Go to Paint~A~Longs to register



Seasonal themes


Painting Socials
Where we paint together....

Where we just paint for fun! Paint with any medium, paint anything you want just as long as you paint.  Bring your Silly and we will have fun!

Tuesday nights Facebook live .... 7 pm with BobbinsArtWork 

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