Ready to explore watercolor?

Open your heart and mind — and add color! Together we can explore your path to more confidence, self-awareness, and learning how to create beautiful watercolor paintings. No mistakes here, just learning opportunities!



Beginning Your Watercolor Journey

The Beginning Your Journey Course is a basic course starting with how and what supplies to use. You will learn the color wheel, as well as basic techniques, needed in your path of creativity. You will learn lots and enjoy the fun and silly.



Continuing Your Watercolor Journey

Now that your creative juices are flowing you are ready! You will paint a Still Life, Landscape, Floral, Seascape using your newly acquired skills of color. If you follow along incorporating all my fun and silly tips with all the serious stuff,  you will gain confidence and success.



Enjoying Your Journey of Creating

As you leave the beginning and intermediate classes, you must consider yourself an ARTIST!  Using all your newly acquired watercolor knowledge, skill, and creativity, you are on your way to creating your first Masterpiece. Don't forget: you will never be alone, we always support each other. With my safety net of courage and color, we will continue to explore new and exciting techniques and supplies. You will start using your color magic to grow your creativity. Don't forget your SILLY, and always practice, paint, sketch, and doodle.



1-on-1 Critique ~ 

 Buddy Critiques

A critique is a professional assessment and feedback crafted about one painting. It can be from one of these classes or any painting you have created.

Upcoming Events

Paint~A~Long Saturdays Starting this summer. How about we just start simple.  Lots of How~to's.  How to paint a flower,  How to paint a leaf, how to paint water, etc.  Any other suggestions?  If you do please email me and I'll put it in the schedule.  I'm going to start the last week in May,  May 29th at 10:00 am on Zoom.


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You can reset it, just follow the prompts.

Can I use two emails for access to my classes?

No, the email you originally sign in with will be the one that you need to use.

Is your web compatible with all search engines?

Yes, Wix, is compatible with all versions of search engines.

How do I access the Private Facebook group?

Look up RecolorYourWorld Class on facebook and ask to join.

Are refunds available after you start the classes?

NO No refunds are available once you register for any class.