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Free Intro Class!

Introduction to all the videos

This video is the first of many, but this will explain my process and why it is important to keep your silly in this learning process. I started teaching when my local Art Gallery owner asked me "can you teach watercolor?" She said "I have a room full of students that want to learn and the instructor presented the students with a picture and said, "paint this."

 I have had that feeling of despair in my own learning experience.  I said yes!  So keeping that in mind, I always explain the supplies first.


We are on this journey together, we will learn, grow, and support each other with color and fun.  Remember I may be silly, but I am also knowledgable and I was in your shoes once, and I am more than willing to share my experience. So that being said, get ready for some cheesy, silly, and informative videos.

 Free Intro Class ~ What Is Art? 

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