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Color and Your Wardrobe

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Did you ever really take notice of what color you are wearing? I don't think I would get dressed thinking of color, rather what was appropriate for the events of the day.

For instance, if I was doing laundry and cleaning house, I probably would put on any old thing. If I was going to lunch with friends I may pick something with regards to the weather, as in Florida many restaurants are outside. Until recently that was the main way I picked out my wardrobe. Since I have Recolored my World, I am very conscious of what colors I am wearing. I have found that the color I wear has a direct effect on my emotions. As I mentioned before I used to wear Black all the time, but now I never (unless it's a black-tie event) wear black. So that being said today I am wearing blue. It is a relaxing, tranquil color that lends itself to peace. I have been very anxious with the COVID Virus, and social distancing and blue helps me relax. I like to wear pink color on Fridays because it is always Flaming Friday... and Flamingos are Pink! Next time you go into your closet think of what color you are picking and why you picked it for that day. I have to say good-bye for now because I am so relaxed I need a nap! I love blue!!! But instead, of napping, I am going to get out my watercolor paints and use all the blues to make a beautiful watercolor BLUE abstract. In my fun and silly classes, I will show you how to use your watercolor paints to make your colors sing in your watercolor paintings.

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