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How do you face that NEW scary sheet of 100% cotton Watercolor paper?

It is not scary to me anymore, but I remember how I would just stare at the paper thinking, what if I ruin it? What if I am not good enough to paint? What if I waste my time and money thinking I am an Artist?.........And what if you don't waste the paper, you don't ruin it and you are good enough?

What if you have fun and enjoy yourself?

How can you start to RecolorYourWorld .com? I start with some new supplies. I love NEW supplies. It always makes me feel like I am starting fresh. Even if it is just one new watercolor pigment, it just is like an experiment to see where it will fit into my newest painting or series of paintings. Sometimes it is just a matter of a new subject or new technique. Or a new idea.

When you lose your need a muse, a partner, an encourager...or just a sketchbook...OR ME.... I do suggest that you keep a sketchbook, even a little one in your reach at all times. I keep one with me most of the time. It's good to have to jot down notes, you never know when someone will recommend a new paint color or supplier you never heard of or even a show to enter. But most importantly to sketch or even doodle. It will keep you in the art mode, so you don't lose your mojo,

Sometimes it is just a walk out in nature, or a call to your friend, she may need some mojo too...

Whatever it takes to get you started is worth it...

And don't lose you Silly! xxoooBobbin

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