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How do you relax?

I take my colors out...paints, pencils, markers...anything that has color and I create. I make sketches, doodles, or real paintings. This process of using color is the first step for me to relax. It doesn't matter if I make something beautiful, or just some marks on the paper. It just means I took the first step, and the first step leads to the second step, relaxing. When I am relaxed I don't think about the laundry, the dishes, the phone, or anything but my colors. Would you like to try my relaxing process? You don't need me, or anything, but your colors and your imagination. Try it!


This started as an abstract with just putting some paint on the paper....then I saw a flower pot at the that's what gave me the idea.... a floral was beginning to appear.

It is still a little abstract, but I enjoyed the afternoon doodling with my paper , paints and water...


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