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My Celtic Journey Continues 24.....50 Shades of Green or more..

How many shades of green are there? I think there are an indescribable amount of greens you can buy in the paint store......

If I asked Gary what colors he sees, he would say Green. What would you say? I would say, sap green, yellow-green, and permanent green....colors that I use on my paint palette. In my art life of, I always talk about your Artist Eye.... That is the eye you use when you really look at something and see everything about it.....Not just a leaf.....not just a GREEN leaf, but

A leaf that has green, yellows, blues orange white...maybe even a bit of purple. Do you get it? Look outside of your home and look at leaves, and trees will be amazed at the different colors your Artist's Eye can see if you look hard enough.

Here I am using my Artist Eyes.....pretty silly...but I love silly!!!

With that being said I would like to share some shades of Green from my Celtic Journey ..

I think the first green is a sap, earthy green, the second one had more of a permanent green in various hues. The third one is definitely a yellow-green.....but you can name them anything you like...

So in this first one, I would call the tree green forest green and the grass a hookers green. The second one is a combination of sap, permanent green, and yellow-green with dark olivey green. The third photo is a field of yellow flowers that reflect on the grass and the bushes making them a permanent, yellow-green. Can you see how we could have 50 shades of green without even trying .....If you are a painter, you know that even when you buy a may be named the same, (sap green), but it may vary with the different brands. As each company has its own formula for making the paints. Remember when I told you all about the book of Kells...that was centuries ago and the pigments came from nature. Many of our pigments are now made to look like the original pigments, but you will find out the best paints still use real pigments.

These are just a few of my color swatches....for green.....I have many more, but yo will have to see them in my classes that I offer for watercolors called

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