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My Celtic Journey Installment 11

Did you know that Ireland has a Stud Farm? Yes, it does, for thoroughbred racing horses. Who knew, not me....It was a beautiful place, where you could see the horses, and you could just tour the Japanese Gardens and even have a lovely cup of tea in the cafe. They have a scholarship program for high school graduates to live and work

and learn ALL about the horses. Upon graduation, each student would be able to find a good job in any country in the field of horses.

(Brallistown, Little, Tully, Co Kildare R51 KX25 Ireland)

I wanted to get Gary a Stud hat or shirt, but his size was already sold, and I didn't want to hold up our coach....Stuart wouldn't like to have to re-calculate our time on the road....hahaha...and don't want to be late for the Blarney Castle.


Below you see a beautiful foal, it is a day and 1/2 old. I wanted to go in there and hug them both...but not allowed.....shucks.....

Some absolutely gorgeous flowers.


Who would think.....Flamingos......they always follow me.....or I follow them... Keep posted for the Blarney Castle...coming soon...

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