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My Celtic Journey #2

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Well, just so you all know I am going to be posting from my blog page from I am skipping Post # 3, due to having a 2-A and this format I can add the photos, exactly where I want them to be.

The Tour company we decided on was Globus, and the name of the tour was Celtic Highlights.

This is their description. Celtic Highlights

13 Day Tour from Glasgow to Glasgow

Knobby knees? Skinny calves? Thick ankles? No matter here. You can show them off with pride on this tartan-filled tour through the kilted and Celtic countries of Scotland, Ireland, and Wales with the added bonus of England’s postcard-perfect Lake District. Whether you’re in search of heritage, haggis, rolling glens, or smooth Guinness, there’s so much to discover on this Celtic tour of Britain and Ireland. Ancient castles? Check. Legendary lochs? Indeed. Sparkling seascapes and hallowed battlefields? You can bet your boots. Speaking of betting, you’ll visit the Irish National Stud at Kildare, a working stud farm and the beating heart of Ireland’s esteemed thoroughbred racehorse industry. From the storied cities to the tiny towns, you’ll feel your own heart beat as you savor the deep-rooted traditions and customs of the Emerald Isle and the Scottish Highlands and Lowlands.


It was as wonderful as it looks. This is where the Tour actually begins. We had a wonderful, witty, knowledgable tour guide named Michael, and a steadfast on schedule very official driver Stuart, who watched over us the entire trip. I told Stuart how I always ask Gary if he wants me to drive and he ALWAYS says no. Occasionally I asked Stuart if he needed help driving, but he also said NO...with a heavy accent. But at least I tried.

We drove, excuse me Stuart drove from Glasglow to Inverness through the 12 th Century Cathedrals, Universities, Museums, and many Georgian Squares using the many roundabouts of this beautiful country.

George Square

Also George Square

University of Strathclyde

To get to Inverness we had to drive through the Scottish Highlands. I was not prepared for the beauty of these mountains. Stunning, awesome, beautiful, just do not do them justice. You know there are 47 whisky distilleries in this area (we did not stop...)But the Mountains are the most famous for their beauty..and

(Glasgow- Old Kilpatrick)

(This was still in Glasgow, Old Kilpatrick)

(Glasgow - Balmaha)

for Loch Ness. Loch is the word for Lake....and Loch Ness is a big lake, big enough for the Loch Ness Monster to live in. Nessy was too busy doing monster things to make an appearance. But this first stop was more than breathtaking.

So not only am I taking some breathtaking scenery I am thinking of my research for my paintings. Remember these are from a bus window....while it is rolling along.

Can you even believe it? I was right there in Scotland.....

I can only show you a few highlights of my pictures as I was averaging about 300 a day..... Tomorrow I will show you my pictures of Loch Ness...out of the coach (bus). Can you imagine just being there? I still am in awe.

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