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THE BATHROOM INSTALLATION ...Is it Art? There is abstract Art in it, you can decide!

During my Celtic Journey, this happened... Oh my ...a 2-week project took 4 months......and counting

For everyone to understand how important this is I will give a little back story. Most of you know I went on a trip to Ireland with my cousin Anna from California. We were supposed to go with my Dad (who had other plans and went to heaven instead) and my husband Gary. When Dad wasn't coming Gary said girls go, I would be the third wheel. Okay...then he says well while you are gone I will remodel the bathroom.....I will take out the old bathtub and make a beautiful shower. I say okay, but are you sure? He still works a full-time job and was going to do this on his days off. What were we thinking????

So I merrily went off to discover the magic of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England...I didn't think any more about the remodel. I did hear from him now and then, but he didn't want to talk too much because he was furiously working on a deadline. My friends were seeing him

in person, with all the troubles he had, checking on him for me, but not telling me anything except, that Gary was working hard.

Not knowing that Gary had a problem every time he tried to do something, I was excited to see the new shower. He had trouble taking the tub out, seems he learned fast how to use a sledgehammer, found a leak in the pipes, and realized he had to take some work time off. He and his Italian~English thick-headedness was going to finish it even if it killed him....and it almost did. As I was traveling home, I was getting texts from his daughter and my friend not to be too disappointed as it wasn't finished, and he was bummed out that he was going to let me down. So when I saw my toilet in the closet, and tools all over my bedroom ...and DUST, fine white dust all over everything it was very hard to say anything I just said it looks good so far......but I was dying inside...

Of course, I didn't know I wasn't able to take a shower at all and tried to keep a positive outlook. Thank you Sheila and Angelo who offered their shower to both of us.....I don't know what I would do if I couldn't take a shower. We have all decided that Gary will be giving up his remodeling days forever, I will not travel without him....Someone needs to carry my giant suitcase....hahaha.

As I have recovered from the anemia, and the TIREDNESS of it all, I am ready to be done. I called a cleaning service to get rid of the dust....which seems to keep coming back. But it is really a nice shower. AND we are ...almost done with the fine-tuning, and it is beautiful... I don't have pictures of most of the demolition as I wasn't here (thank goodness I would have had a heart attack!) Oh, thank you Marty for Ireland's Home Interiors & Living magazine, page 66 for the wall inspiration. Now I have two safety bars, and 2 niches for my stuff..and it is clean and sleek.

Here he is in the shower....not a great picture but he is in his creation......

Here it is, the painting over the towels has to be hung it'd just sitting there for the picture... From an old tub with a sliding glass door from (what seems like a hundred years ago). I now have a beautiful walk-in shower with grab it!

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