What is an Artist's Eye?

As an artist, you see things differently. When an artist looks at something they are looking with lots of things in their minds such as colors, shapes, composition and value. You ask what does all that mean? Most artists are looking for a subject matter to paint and when we do we look for all those special properties. I always tell my students that the reason why they think they can't sketch is because they are not using their "Artist Eye". For instance, if I ask my husband what color the Palm tree is, his answer is green and grey. If I look at the same Palm tree I see, green, yellow, orange, purple, grey blue, rust... etc. See the difference of the interpretation? Another example is, if I ask you to draw a house, how are you going to draw it? Most likely a small square, with a little triangle on the top. Maybe a smoke stack, a winding path and the two lollipop trees on each side. Why do you think that is? I believe that that was the way you last drew a house, probably back in elementary school... your brain says draw a house... and it goes right back to the last one you drew. If you used your artist eye, you would actually look at the house you are going to sketch, draw or paint it, and SEE it with your artist EYE.

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