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What was your answer Frame or no frame?

Last week I spoke of 5 elements of design and asked you to critique my watercolor tall ship picture. I can only imagine what you said, but did you see the lines? Yes, there are lines...on the masks and sails. Did you see color? Yes, there is color. Is there form, or shapes? Yes, there is. What about light and dark, also known as value? Yes, there is. Space, there is space. Based on the 5 elements This is a good picture

I think it is lacking somethings... It only has three colors, pink teal and blue. The values are not enough to show the real story of the water, or the sky. and no one is sailing this ship. Granted this picture is postcard size, and I was trying out the paper, but I do not think this one is "frame ready. "

I think it's okay and meets the 5 elements, but I know I can do a much better watercolor painting of a tall ship. I would want more beauty in the sea and connection to the ship itself. This is where the judge's eye would come into play. They take into consideration the skill of the artist, the subject matter, and its beauty. So much more goes into the judging of a painting, but these 5 elements are a good starting point. Remember to always save your first paintings, this is a fantastic way to see your progress in your journey. Remember don't lose you silly!!!

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