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"Why Do We Embrace Differences in Art but Struggle with Differences in Life?"

Well, we are all human. that's certainly the same. In the same thought, we are all different. Today a friend spoke to me about her weight loss, and how at the beginning of her weight journey she only wore black.....but as she started shedding pounds she started adding color. That is the same as I did, as I found myself in my art again after many years, where I only wore black and painted in black & white until I began adding color. So that makes us the same. We came out of that dark period of our lives AND ADDED color. Then we began to feel and look better and the difference began to color.

In my back story, I mention how depressed I was, full of anxiety and self-doubt. In my present story, I shout out in COLOR, lots of colors, not only in my artwork but in my wardrobe, even my home decor. RecolorYourWorld can have many meanings, as you can see, but the most important one I am happy to say is the change it can bring you or even the change that brings color to your life.

As my teaching has gone back to in-person classes (since COVID is over), I am busy....yay!! I don't even notice those horrible negative feelings or depressed outlook. Then someone showed me how color helped them get out of darkness. Please don't get me wrong black is a great color, in my mind, it is the combination of all the colors, and it does have a place in our world, but not when it represents depression. So RecolorYourWorld, in bright vivid saturated COLOR.

Color vs Black

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