Meet Bobbin

Art gives us hope, happiness, and freedom to be  silly!

I paint because I need to create. I see auras of color everywhere. My need to feel the emotions of all colors and create those in my paintings has brought me to share my delight and skills of all things color with you. 

It wasn't always like this for me, you see for many years, I hid behind the darkness of depression, lack of self-worth, and anxiety. Many of us do.  As we evolve as women we need a safety net of encouragement and love, so we know we are not alone in our new path of self freedom.  As I continue to grow my art skills, as an artist I discovered that my confidence grew and my depression lifted. I knew then I wanted to share my discovery with you.

 As I have changed my wardrobe from black to orange, hot pink, chartreuse and turquoise, and more, I show off my freedom! My boldness! My self worth!  Art is my safety net and can be yours too. Let me show you how...

Listen to my back story featured on The Left Brain Artist podcast!

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