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What is a Paint~a~long?

It is a short fun class on a specific subject.  Each subject is related to a holiday or season.

OR......your request.



Incentive:   If you want to have a private live stream party for your family and friends, (like a Paint~A~Party) if you have 4 or more guests you can be the party host and you will be admitted to class free.  The class will be 1 hour long.

I teach in watercolor, but the skills of acrylic, ink, pencils or anything you wish can be substituted. 

This is a FUN class.  All ages are invited! Just sign up and off we go into the subject of your choice, with fun and a little silly!

All Paint~A~Longs are $10.00 each 


1.  Seasonal fun
Mondays at 7:30 pm    &.  Saturdays at 10:00 am


2.  ColorCreators:

If you want to paint your own thing with me when we all just paint and socialize that will be on Tuesdays at 7pm.  First 4 sessions are Free! Then they $5.00 per session, ($20 for 5 if you sign up in advance)

Sign up now

Contact me to set up your                     personalized                             Paint~A~Long


                       Paper:          I use Arches 140 lb cold press

                       Paints:         I use Holbein & Daniel Smith ~watercolor paints

                       Brushes:     I use Princeton, velvet touch long rounds

                       Misc:             two water containers, mechanical pencil, kneaded eraser,

                                               rag (or paper towels) spray bottle of clean water

                                               I will be painting on an 8"X10" pad (the bigger you paint the bigger and

                                               the longer it will take to dry. 

                                     *****A Hair Dryer and a Micron Pen (or any fine-tipped pen/marker will do.

                   You can use any supplies you have, this is meant to be fun, quick, and easy!

          Paint~A~Longs for children 

Children are invited to any Paint~A~Long as long as they have an adult with them.  Preferably children from 8 & up whoever knows how to use paints!!!!

Great to do with Grandchildren!

Just contact me and we will set it up!

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