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You can choose either a pan or a tube set, a matter of preference (I use tubes and make them into pans).  Sets are great for the beginner, as all the colors are there.  You can always add colors to your palette, later on when you decided on some of your favorites (mine is Opera Rose).  Be sure the paints you purchase are ARTIST Grade, NOT student grade. (If you already have student grade you can still start.). When you watch the FREE Introductory video, I will explain the why's & why not's. If you choose to purchase paints separately here are some good suggestions.  

Alizarin Crimson
Burnt Umber
Cadmium Red
Cadmium Yellow
Cobalt Blue
Lemon Yellow
Paynes GreY or Neutral Tint
Prussian Blue
Raw Sienna
Sap Green
Ultramarine Blue


NO BLACK: You will mix your own.

NO WHITE: You will use the white of the paper or just more water.


Brushes are a very personal tool, you will find your favorites and stick to them, but for now, if you have no brushes get ones specifically made for watercolor. (they must be soft and spring back to a good point.).  They can be natural or synthetic or a mixture of each You will learn this with experience. To start you will need a Small,  Medium, Large.  Remember the bigger you paint the bigger the brushes should be.  A good number to start with is o3, o6, & a 10, ROUNDS. You will also need a big, 1"  flat brush, do NOT spend large amounts of money for this, a 2",3"  inch utility brush is good.  You will be using this to add a big splash of water on paper.  I get a 1" or 2" flat at the hardware store.  


Not all papers are the same. Quality is important here.  I use Arches brand as I have used it for many years and I like the success I get.  You will need some good paper 140 Lbs, Cold Press, 100% cotton.  You will also need a watercolor sketch pad, this can be a cheap pad, you will be doing your exercises in them.

Miscellaneous Items

  • If you buy tube paints you will need a palette, be sure it has at least 24 wells for paint and a nice place for mixing.  Another important thing is to be sure it has a cover or top that will keep paint sealed in if you are traveling to and from class or a park or beach where the scenery is just delicious.

  • You will need two clear water jars — you can start with any jar, tub, or containers.

  • Kneaded eraser

  • Mechanical pencil (NOT fancy, just one that is mechanical)

  • Paper towels

  • Old rags

  • Spray bottle

  • Board to rest your paper on

  • Painters tape


We probably will add a few things as we go, but this is a basic list. 

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My Favorite Palette

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Paints by Daniel Smith​

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Paints by Mission

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Paint Brush Set

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and sponge.

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Arches Paper

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Kneaded eraser

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Mechanical Pencils

BIC Xtra-Life Mechanical...


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Spray bottles

100 ml 3.3 oz Clear Plastic...


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Practice Paper

Strathmore Paper 300...


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Canson XL Series Mix...


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Micron  Pen

Sakura Pigma 30061 Micron...


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Keep in mind these are some of the supplies I use.  Purchase the best quality you can afford, and be sure to get Professional Grade. Questions???? Just ask!


Any questions? Let me know by emailing me at

If you are taking any of the Paint~A~Long classes you can use whatever supplies you have.

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