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  • How do I log in to my classes?
    You click on log in and you must enter you email address.
  • What if I forget my password?
    You can reset it, just follow the prompts.
  • Can I use two emails for access to my classes?
    No, the email you originally sign in with will be the one that you need to use.
  • How do I access the Private Facebook group?
    Look up RecolorYourWorld Class on facebook and ask to join.
  • Are refunds available after you start the classes?
    NO No refunds are available once you register for any class.
  • What form of payment can I use to purchase Art from Bobbin?
    US dollars....ONLY
  • What kind of currency do I accept?
    US Dollars
  • How can I purchase your Art Work?
    On website ( click on Art For Sale.
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