How to create a Watercolor Artist Website?

At 74 years old it isn't easy...but with the help of so many tutorials, and help from family (even Grandchildren) I did it. It is still not easy, but I am continuing to do it. I learned a lot, and I still am learning, reading those lengthy tutorials, and asking for professional help. It seems like anything worthwhile in this world is everchanging. To me, it seems the internet, and its rules are changing by the soon as I get the hang of something I like to use...they change it.

With their big idea of improving it. Well, that may be good for the technical experts, but not me.

I did design my logo all by myself. I painted it on watercolor paper and decided it was a good representation of my work. It took me forever with help to decide on the fonts to use, and the size to use.and the colors. It isn't as hard as I thought it would be I used a great website builder WIX, and they have great templates and fonts and colors. AND lots of tutorials