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5 Elements of Design in my Watercolor Paintings

What are these elements and why do I need them in my watercolor paintings? Because when a judge is looking at a finished piece (or if a Critique person is looking at your work) they look for certain things. Many people think that a judge looks at your work and says yay or nay, just by their opinion. If they do that is not a good judge. They should have certain standards.

5 elements of design are universal in all artwork, watercolor, acrylic, or oil. What are they you say? They are Line, Color, Space, Light(Values), and Shape. These elements are essential in all art, including sculpture. So as a reminder, when you think you are finished with your work of art, use those 5 elements to see if you have used them. Chances are you have, but sometimes one or more of the elements need to be fine-tuned. That's when I take my watercolor artwork and let it sit where I can see it for a few days. If it continues to look good, I usually am finished. But if it is missing something...and it's hard to pinpoint what that something is, go back to the 5 elements and you probably will find that "missing something" right away.... Continue painting and. Don't lose your Silly!!!

In my painting below it is missing something..... It has line, color, space, value, and shape....What is missing? or is it ready for a frame?

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