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"Every child is an artist: the problem is staying an artist when you grow up" Picasso

So you see we are all artists from childhood up to where ever you are right now. in your life. The problem of being an artist is not a problem, the problem is admitting that you are creative artist. I was always considered an artist as a child but didn't admit it until I was way into my 50s.

I did paint, I did create I just didn't think it was good enough to be called an Artist. Until someone asked me to paint a Magnolia for them. Boom that's when I realized I had more to offer than I was allowing myself to think about. So what did I do? I practiced, and practiced, read watercolor books, went to classes when I could, and I practiced. Did I mention that I practiced? I still practice every day, well almost every day. It's not all painting watercolors either. Sometimes I sketch, sometimes I give classes, sometimes I take classes, sometimes I make altered books, crochet, or even make baskets out of old rope. Oh, and I take lots of pictures for reference for future paintings, As long as I feel that I am using my creativity I feel fulfilled. This may seem like a lot of creativity, and it is, but it also breaks up my skills so I don't feel stale in one area.

Every day is a new day and every day you can accomplish one thing, even if it is doodling on a napkin. It all counts, from decorating your home in new colors or painting fine art it is all creative.

  1. You, need to decide what you want to practice. ie: painting, sketching, photography etc.

  2. Next you need some research on exactly what it is you want to pursue, because along with that research you need to be aware of supplies and space where you create.

  3. Commit to trying this for at least a month. You may want to try a different type of artwork that incorporates your first skill ie; If you want to journal, you will need some painting skills, so realize some creativities overlap each other (that is a good thing).

Now to get a bit technical, I started painting on the kitchen table at night when my children were asleep. (Now they are adults with my grandchildren). I had a shoe box in which I kept my paints and brushes and was able to put everything in a drawer when finished. I have over many years graduated to a small studio in my home - it's actually my closed-in porch. I love it because it has lots of windows.

So what is stopping you? Fear? That is another blog post!

Just get a pencil or brush and start.

This is my studio or part of it.... it's a bit messy at the moment but I have more than one project going on right now. PS, don't show this messy studio to anyone that is not creative, they won't understand. hahaha!!!!

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