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I went to California! Plenty to paint there! My watercolors were packed and ready, but.....

I was so excited to see all my family, I had no time to paint! Shocking isn't it? Yes, I had no time for painting, but I had such a fabulous time I didn't notice. I took lots of pictures and can always paint in my studio. Which I have already started, of course.

California was so different than Florida. It has mountains, rolling roads, "May Grey" and "June Gloom", cool weather in the morning, and my extended family. It has the Hollywood sign, I saw it, the Walk of Fame, I walked on it, it has Beverly Hills....saw that too. One of the best things we did was whale watching. Off Long Beach, we took an observation boat into the Pacific Ocean to see some whales. We saw 2 Blue Whales, 2 Grey Whales, one Fin Whale, and a large pod of dolphins.

I thought I was so prepared with my scheduling all my posts for the two weeks I was gone, and even a few days of me coming home. But sometimes the best-made plans don't pan out. Before I left California I went to the Urgent Care with a sore throat and an achey ear. Doc said I was ok to fly as it was just allergies. I got home thinking I had a bit of jet lag, and Gary got a full-blown cold. Of course, he said he was fine.....but the next thing I knew I was soooooo sick. Thinking it was just allergies and a bit of a cold, it tried to get well with over-the-counter remedies....BUT no, I was down for about two weeks...and finally went to my Doctor, and got cough medicines, , prednisone, and antibiotics. For three days I have been taking them and feeling a bit better, but not 100% yet.

I guess the older or more mature we are the longer it takes for us to get over an infection. Either way, it was pretty sucky. I finally started painting again and posting a bit more. Not as consistent, but posting. In my recuperating time I have been thinking about all my artwork.

I am going to offer my Christmas in July Greeting card classes on July 13th and the other on July 20th. I will be offering these 45-minute classes for $10. We will make 5 or 6 if we have time. You do not need any special supplies. You can use card stock and colored pencils, or watercolor paper and paints. Whatever you have is perfect! I will be using watercolor cards and watercolor paints. We will have fun and have a start to our holiday projects.!

Join me for these fun Holiday classes, on Saturday, July 13, & 20th at 10:00 am I will have a selection of designs and will paint fun, traditional and a generic card. Go to to register. bring your silly and your creativity.

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