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Everyone is talking about taking care of themselves. I have been trying to put together an online course that would help others and myself. It began as a selfish thought - I could travel and see my "Littles" in North Carolina, and not give up teaching. So in my non- technological mind I went about setting up a web site. How hard could it be? Then the pandemic...that little germ...corona...changed everything. So in my quarantine, I put ALL my efforts into getting my online courses together. Perfect right? As I said how hard could it be... 24/7 I worked at learning how to do these tech things. I did pretty good, asked for help when I needed it, and then came the videos. I can make a really good cheesy video! But not a really good professional video. I NEED I continued to make them. Then my computer was hit by a storm, and it went down. Panic set in. Then the computer was fixed and I couldn't upload my videos more Panic... I have been crazed about videos ever since. Is my hair ok? Am I dressed properly? Can they hear me correctly? Don't say peace out. Don't blink your eyes when you forget what you are saying. Look at the camera, SMILE. Now my emails don't delete, and when they do they come back, my emails will not always open. And on and on and on... like a broken record... then I got sick.

I worried I had the germ, or my husband or any of my children or the "Littles".... instead my ulcers flared up and then even more crummy news I have ulcerative colitis.

I need me back... I need my art for me, everything I was preparing for the classes I needed, I needed to be my student. I will use the fancy body lotion, the new pretty clothes, swing on my swing, and I will follow the classes I set up for everyone else. I will take the time to put my art in competitions. I will continue to work on the lessons, and videos as that they are my mission, but I will take time to take care of me!

and wear a silly Flamingo headband!

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