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A $30 Sign?

Really? $30??

I have a bunch of foam core boards that I keep on hand for various art projects. They are great for taping my art paper on so it stays flat. It's great as a backdrop to take photos of finished paintings. I have also been known to use it for a vision board or use them to block the sun in my studio windows. They are great for lots of things. Very handy, and at 88 cents, a real bargain!

Since the COVID regulations of social distancing, it has been hard for children to have their normal birthday parties. So many people became very crafty and made signs to put on the birthday child’s lawn, hold out of car windows for graduation parades and all sorts of personal occasions.

I am going to say it — $30 is too much! $30 for a sign that says... "HONK IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!" ...sometimes it’s even more! If the sign is personalized, it’s considered a "markup".

Or is the price really saying "I am going to take advantage of the situation for my benefit"? Either way ...$30 is too much....

Therefore, Grandma Diamond (My two grandsons’ name for me) is making some signs...and they will be much better than the $30+ signs... just saying... my creative skills are shining today.

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