And the Celtic Journey continues...15 Dublin and the Book of Kells

Did I mention we went to Dublin???? It is the capital of Ireland and is on the east coast at the mouth of the River Liffey. It boasts many historic buildings, including St Patricks Cathedral founded in 1191. I am still amazed by the structures that can last so many years if taken care of. How many centuries is that ....way too many to think about how they did that construction...all by hand. No bulldozers or cranes back then. This picture is from Wikipedia, as my shots were blurry from the rain. We only had a little rain and this was one time. St Patrick was not Irish, he was born in the UK, but he was a 5-century Romano-British Christian missionary in Ireland. He came known as the primary patron Saint of Ireland. when he was 16 he was captured by Irish Pirates and taken as a slave and was taking care of animals. When he escaped he went back home to the UK, became a cleric, and eventually went back to Ireland