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Are you ready for more of my Celtic Journey 18

I am back at the big computer to write this blog. As I write and review the pictures it's like I am reliving the trip again. Yesterday we were at the Ring of Kerry, every day I think this is the most spectacular view...and again I am overwhelmed with more beauty of this land. WOW.......The Cliffs of Moher!!!!! They are sea cliffs located at the southwestern edge of the Burren region in the County Clare, in Liscannor Ireland. It is a very famous landscape, which can be seen in Harry Potter, Princess Bride, the Yank, and the Mackintosh Man for a few. It has a bit of folklore attached to it as well. One is the story of the fisherman who fell in love with a mermaid, only for her to leave him and return to the sea - - or the doomed Leap of the Foals, where the mythical Tuatha De'Danann plunged over the cliff's edge - - or the lost underwater city of Kilstiffen. No matter what the lore or the films they are spectacular ......700 feet of rugged cliffs overlooking the Atlantic coast. It is home to 35 species of birds that are in a protected conservation environment.

Look at the pictures....I was there..right there..I still can't

believe the views. So we are driving up to the cliffs, we don't see much yet, a little village, cows (must have been cow nap time as they were relaxing after lunch), and a peek at the cliffs. It was a rainy day, very windy due to the elevation, but not too bad. Not bad enough to not go and see......

So this is where we parked...or shall I say Stuart parked, this is one view of one of the views and the walkway to the grandiose view.....

This is my little rendition of the Cliffs of Moher... it's only 5" h x 7"w.

Here is the Stature with the Cliffs of Moher etched in it as an introduction the Castle was al

little too far for me to climb...The tower was built in 1835 by the local landlord MP Sir Cornelius O'Brien as an observation point for the English tourists of that time. It too has some lore to it,,,,it could have been built as a teahouse, or a tower to impress the women Cornelius was courting. Either way on a clear day you can see the Aran Islands and the Twelve Bens of Connemara across Galway Bay. And cousin Anna taking a selfie!!! We really had a great time!!!

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