BLUE is a tranquil color!

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Blue, any blue, has a calming effect on us all. I often wonder, why aren't all hospitals, dentists, and doctor's offices painted a calming blue? Especially the Emergency Room??

I have had many a visit to an emergency room - for broken bones, allergic reactions, etc. Please tell me, why are the ER’s all STARK WHITE? Who designs these rooms? When I go to the ER I am already upset, nervous, and probably hurt or sick.... I need to be calmed down as much as possible. I am the nervous Nellie of the family.

I remember taking my Dad to the ER, (he was anemic and needed a shot) BUT I was terrified...He was my Dad. I escorted him to the admitting room then I went to park the car. When I ran back in, he was already in a room and I was greeted by a nurse...rolling her eyes…’You must be the daughter. Your father said you would be nervous.’ Well heck yes!!

(I am still trying to get her rolling eyes at me out of my mind,,,,I get plenty of that from my family. Don’t need it from a stranger!)

While we were waiting for the Dr. to come in, I looked around… no colors. Just white walls, brown cabinets. Really? How is that calming?

So back to my original question - Who designs these rooms? I know they need to have all those high tech medical machines in there (scary as they are). Aren't the doctors and nurses trying to take care of the patients and their families? Put our minds at ease, make us all feel as comfortable as possible.

I am not asking for a comfortable sofa, although sometimes a chair would be nice.......just a little color on the walls. Preferably a tranquil calming blue. Agree?

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