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Can Art make you feel better? Even when You are not 100% healthy?

red watercolor tulips
I am watercolor painting in my studio

I think those questions are loaded with answers. I do believe that art can make you feel healthy. I know when I am not feeling 100% healthy (with whatever it may be from a headache to a twisted ankle) art does make me feel better. I can look at art, I have many books, especially from the Impressionist era that give me joy. I can also go online and visit other websites with art, or artists or even go on YouTube and watch how other artists are doing their art......My best online habit of mine is going to the museums. I truly believe that all the above can make you feel better, but for me, the best home remedy is to actually paint, draw, or create something myself. It could be in a sketchbook a giant canvas, or anything in between.

Being a creative person involves more than just painting (in whatever medium you choose), but also the designing of a Halloween costume, a logo for your business, an altered book, or just designing your own living room. Creativity takes many forms, just be aware of them, and when you don't feel 100% do something that involves Art...I guarantee you will feel better.

So my answer to that question is YES. If you are a bit under the weather, or a bit depressed, you can even go and look for Art Movies, just try any of my suggestions and let me know how you feel.

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