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A few weeks ago I posted a message about taking care of yourself. I was referring to your eyes specifically. I, as well as you, have "artist eyes", and we need to take care of them. So I go for routine checkups. Due to my family medical history, I worry about my eyes. But I don't worry when I find a great Dr. and I follow all his suggestions. I think this is a great way to think of our health. Especially in these Covid times, be sure to find a good Dr. and follow his advice.

I think that not only should we all take care of our physical health but also our mental health. I know that when I am painting I am in my own little bubble world of happiness, fun & silly. I forget the time, sometimes forget to eat.... (ha ha, not too often does this happen..) It is a place that you can't explain unless you have been there yourself. I have noticed that since I have been doing so much techie stuff for my online watercolor classes I have not been in that bubble. I miss it! Maybe I could compare it to reading a good book that you are fully immersed in. But no matter what makes you happy enough to drown out everything, you must find it and do it.

To make it easy for you to try something new I have FREE introductory classes on my web page. Sign up and take them - they are FREE. I also just added a Paint~A~Long for painting trees (1/30/21) and also a Paint~A~Long for painting Valentines (2/6/21). Try one or all to see if you would like to be in a bubble of happiness and fun & Silly with me. Whatever path you take to find your bubble, just do it. You will be much happier when you take care of your mental health as well as your physical health, and your "Artist Eyes"

PS....If you like my Art or my blog posts please feel free to share (it's just a click) I always say, "PLEASE & THANK YOU"


Happy in my Studio!

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