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Corona or Not to Corona...

I was opposed to writing anything about the Corona Virus or as it has evolved to COVID 19, but I have to make my personal comments. First of all, I have been wanting to set up my online classes for a while, but I was taking my time, I was still teaching in-person in my little town, and was taking some classes, (how to do online classes), myself. I always had the classes on my mind and I was trying to learn exactly what I needed to know. I quickly found out I needed to know everything (that's another story).

Then the COVID 19 scare became very apparent, as we all self quarantined, my research on setting up my classes became my everyday mission. Who would ever think that a germ would cause so much havoc on everyone's lives? But this super germ sure did wreak havoc on everything. I think of myself as pretty lucky as I am retired and can stay home. I then realized I could help others with my classes because when I stress out, I paint and everyone seems stressed out right now. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, I could help others right now! I also realized by taking these classes and doing research I was just postponing the launch of the classes. It was an excuse, I wasn't ready. So I stopped taking classes and went full time into building my site. I had very little computer skills when entering this area, but I have gained some now. I am not boasting, but I am proud of myself, as I have built a pretty good site. I am not saying I didn't have some help from some of my friends, and the Wix support group and my new Virtual Assistant, but I have accomplished a lot. I have a steep learning curve, but just as we are flattening the COVID 19 curve, so am I. ()except my waistline... So even though the COVID 19 is an awful pandemic, it has helped me realize that I can share my art as a way to relieve stress in others.

In my self-learning of computer skills, I did a really silly thing one day and as those pop-ups came on my screen I tried to delete or snooze them, but instead, I hit the publish button. My site was live, way before it was ready. I wasn't worried as I didn't do any advertising, but to my surprise 2 days later I had a student that was ready to start and had even paid. I was in shock because I didn't think I could even accept payments. So I am into week 5 of teaching my one student, and building my site. I can do it. So look for my classes online at and we will have some fun and Silly and learn how to paint and relieve stress... in color!

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