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Face Book, Instagram or TikTok? What is your Favorite?

I have FaceTime and Instagram and my website. I think I like FaceTime the best, but am falling in love with all the talking dogs on TikTok. I use Instagram for my Artwork exclusively. FaceTime I use for everything else in my life. The website is for my online classes and selling of my work. And Tikok is for videos of me painting. FaceTime and Instagram and my website...well it is a lot of to start another platform is just daunting. Soooooooo, my Grandaughter who is a senior in College became my personal virtual assistant. Yes, I pay her (I would have to pay any virtual assistant), but the best part of my Grandaughter is I trust her. She is super in marketing and has graciously taken me under her wing. I originally wanted her to do my Instagram, but she suggested this may be a better and faster way to get noticed.

By now you know I do some blogging, but I would rather do videos of me painting, so I will continue to do a blog now and then. I mostly want to advertise my webpage and my online watercolor classes. My watercolor classes are for beginners and intermediates and advanced students. I have tried to market myself as the artist that has come out of her dark and dreary life of depression and found that my watercolor painting has changed that dreary to silly and fun... in all ways of my life. I wrote a is on the web page, it's called RecolorYourWorld with a Smile. but I think I should market myself as the Silly and fun Artist. What do you think? I bet I would still attract artists, students, or whoever would like to have fun doing something creative!

With that all said you can find me on TikTok as BobbintheArtist. Check me out I only have videos of me painting so far, we are starting slow and then will grow. xxxoooBobbin

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