How & Why I started a Watercolor Classes on ~ line

This past year (2020) I had decided to travel more and had quite a few trips scheduled, and not let my art students down. I had wanted to set up a few virtual classes, so they wouldn't miss me. Well, let's mention that I am great with a paintbrush, and not so great with technical stuff. Also, note I am DETERMINED, and I wasn't going to let that stop me. So I began to study how to get a working website up and running, and everywhere I looked it seemed easy. NOT- no NOT EASY. Research, research, and more research, and I finally made the step into the world of WIX (the web support for my site) I chose them because they have great support. I am taking my time, and learning as I go....and BAM...Covid hits us all. Now my trips are canceled and we are all in lockdown. Perfect time to set up the web page and that was almost easy until I couldn't figure out the video sections. I felt like giving up, but I didn't - remember the word DETERMINED! The website is up and running and I have students (not many), but I have them. YAY!!!!! Now, which I didn't think of, I need to advertise to gain more students.

This includes marketing.....who knew marketing could be so hard? For those of you that know me, I am a "spur-of-the-moment " type of girl, and Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are just fun ways to see friends and make new friends. NOOOOOO, they are ways to market, advertise, and spread the word. Now more learning is in my daily routine. What did you add to your daily routine this new year? Did I mention that every time I think I understand the workings of it all, they change it? Well, they do - constantly. So my plan is to ask everyone to like and share, and that helps the algorithms so I can get a better ranking in Google.

AND.. to find more people to help get out of that dreary bubble and into the bright fun, silly colors of Do you know of anyone that would enjoy painting? Watercolor painting online? Or having fun learning something different? How about yourself? I have made these classes for anyone, of any age. They are easy to access, remember I made them...and I'm not a techie. Remember I offer FREE classes available before you sign up...just so you can see how silly and informed I am. So this week my word is SHARE....xxxooo Bobbin

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Upcoming Events

Paint~A~Long Saturdays Starting in March. I am still working on a schedule, I have my first show of the season on March 6th. So I am thinking of the 13th of March.   I'll keep you all posted via Facebook, and email if you have registered. 


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Frequently asked questions

How do I log in to my classes?

You click on log in and you must enter you email address.

What if I forget my password?

You can reset it, just follow the prompts.

Can I use two emails for access to my classes?

No, the email you originally sign in with will be the one that you need to use.

Is your web compatible with all search engines?

Yes, Wix, is compatible with all versions of search engines.

How do I access the Private Facebook group?

Look up RecolorYourWorld Class on facebook and ask to join.

Are refunds available after you start the classes?

NO No refunds are available once you register for any class.