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I love Pizza!

Sadly, I can't eat pizza anymore. No more eating anything spicy, hot, or with red sauce. A few years ago I had a bout with some stomach ulcers. I changed a lot of things, but slowly I added my favorites back (I am seeing the family rolling their eyes.) Shall I continue on my list of “no mores”? No wine, no alcohol, no fresh vegetables (only certain ones, and only if steamed). Why? Because my insides just don't like them. So even if my head thinks it's ok, it's not. No processed foods, no caffeine. No Fritos, no barbecue chips,

Depressing? Yes, I love Frito's. But as usual, I will just have to look on the bright side. My doc says I will feel better. Maybe I will lose some weight? Maybe I won't have achy joints. Maybe this is a good thing? I must be determined to take care of myself, I have lots more to do!

Are you taking care of you?

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