Inventory is not a bad word! Where & how do you file your Watercolor ArtWork?

So now you have about 10 watercolor paintings. (Don't wait till you have hundreds as I do.) What are you going to do with them? Well, you need to keep a record. Before the days of computers I used an inventory sheet, what a pain, I took small pictures of everything, gave them each a number and wrote a little story and put it in an "INVENTORY" book. Computers make it so much easier. You can still (and I suggest you do) take a picture of each art piece and put it in a photo folder on your computer. You can start with the year 2020, then subfolders, like Floral, Landscapes, Abstracts, etc.

For each picture, you need a

Number: 1-2020 (I start at 1 each year so last year would have been 1- 2019)

Name: Silly Flamingos If going ditigal= Your first name_your last name and name of art

example Bobbin_Salisbury "Two Friends" this saves time when uploading the pictures to a call to artists.

Size: Unframed - 16h x 20w. Framed - 18h x 22w

Particulars: Arches Acid-free 140 cold press paper, Holbein & Daniel Smith watercolor professional paints

My Two Friends Story: I painted these beautiful Flamingos inspired by the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory. They were honking at me the whole time I was taking their pictures for my reference like they were talking. Their names are Scarlet and Rhett I had such a fun day, even if it was 100 degrees in July. And whatever else you feel was important for a buyer to know about how & why you painted this picture.

Not a hard process, just keep up with it so it doesn't become a me on this it is better to do it after each painting then for a few months of paintings. Either way, Don't lose your Silly!, and have fun! Show me how you keep your watercolor inventory. I am always open to new suggestions.xxxooo Bobbin

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