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IT'S a NEW Year!

Happy New Year to everyone! This year is going to be a CREATIVE year. No negativity for me, or You! I have been holding back a lot of my Covid feelings of being cooped up for so long, I am not going to let it bother me for another minute. That doesn't mean I am going to forget it, but instead, I mean I am not going to let it break up my happiness or my creative soul. I will continue to wash my hands, wear a mask, and social distance. I will get the vaccine when it is available and safe for me as well......and I WILL BE CREATIVE!

I have been in that negative, depressed bubble of darkness way tooooooo many times in my life, and this will not put me back in it. Don't let it put you in there either. Together we can create with joy, silly, and happiness. I have come up with a Watercolor Painting Program that will teach you how to stay out of that darkness bubble. I call it I want to help everyone learn to use color, paint, and a little water to add happiness to their daily life. Learn from my mistakes, take the easy way, and enjoy your journey with color. I will show you how with beginner, intermediate classes the how-to's, then just hone into your specific skills in the advanced classes. I have set up the classes virtually, but have added two in-person zoom classes, and a private Facebook group only for students.

That's quite a bit of planning and setting up for easy learning of a new skill, or a refresher on a skill you already have. Remember the clean up in watercolor is plain water, it is an easy medium to store, and you can do it anywhere you are. I teach the fundamentals and basics to start your own creative journey with me. Check out my web page,! click on free classes, sign up with your email, and I will send you your free classes. EASY peasy, and if you are not interested in joining me on this journey, please share this with someone who you think would!

You can find me on Facebook, as Bobbin with Bobbinsartwork or Bobbin with ReColorYourWorld, and Instagram as Bobbinsartwork. AND I occasionally do Facebook lives...... looking forward to seeing you in class....xxxoooBobbin

"Out of the Darkness"

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