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It's almost Halloween, Do you have your Decorations Ready?

I always like to decorate for the holidays, but with Watercolors, it's a challenge to display outside. Why?... because it's on paper of course!. Watercolor Paper, in a mat, in a frame, is the best way to finish any watercolor artwork. So what is an Artist to do? Well, you should know me by now, I always find a way, especially when Art is involved. But you have to join me to find out....

I will share my art & Halloween skills by offering a free paint~along this week, Friday at @10am, and also on Saturday at 2 pm. It will be on Zoom, so to get the link you need to register on my site (FREE Halloween paint~along).

Once we are all together, we will paint~along! Yay!!!!! We will start by drawing a big circle on our Watercolor paper. Now is a good time to use your ghosting skills (you know, with the kneaded eraser), and get all your supplies in order. Then we will use our water to wet the inside of the circle. Then we will mix the perfect orange with our reds and yellows, so we can paint wet on wet to see the color mingling of the paint which will create a beautiful harvest moon. Then what? We can make a Black scary cat, turn the moon into a pumpkin,

You have to come to my Zoom Paint~Along....just go to, and sign up for the free Halloween Class, to find out! (I'll send you the link via email). Join me to paint and learn how to display your beautiful new watercolor painting for the Halloween Season.

See you Friday or Sat ...bring some Silly!

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