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Life is a highway...

That's one way to travel, for sure, but my Highway is going to involve the sky Highways. I want to travel to Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England. These are the countries that my ancestors came from. For my entire life I thought I was German, even my maiden name was German (Geiger). I would love to see Germany, of course, but the connection to Ireland is much stronger. I have a goal as I travel my highway.....I want to paint in as many countries as I can. I have a few crossed off of my list, but so many more to go....

At my age and in the state of the world’s present germaphobia, I may have to start locally.

I have started within my county, Palm Beach, and my State of Florida. As you probably know, I love the ocean and the beach and luckily we have a plethora of them in South Florida!

The Boynton Beach Inlet, Boca Beach, Juno Beach, Key West Beach, are all my favorites, and as I expand my highway I would like to invite you to join me.

Let’s expand our list of destinations!

Blue Moon on Boynton Beach

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