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Painting should be relaxing. You can paint just about anywhere!

Painting is a way for me to just zone out of all the chaos of life. No need to worry about the laundry, the dishes, or the nosey neighbor. I am lucky to have a studio space in my home where I do all my creating. I didn't always have a studio, I started at a snack table (or sometimes called a TV table), then graduated to a card table, then a folding table. I only was able to paint after all the littles went to bed. Sometimes I used the dining room table or the kitchen table but the other tables were portable and I just put them in the closet when not using them.

I love to paint and I can paint anywhere. As long as I can sit down, have a small cup of water (two are better), and a place to put the paints, from sitting on a bench at the park, to a blanket on the beach. Remember when Mommy said "Where there is a will, there is a way?" Anything is possible.

Watercolor painting
I was painting in Paris France at the Tuileries Gardens.

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