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"Memory of Ireland", Watercolor failed or succeeded?

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

I went to Ireland, did I ever mention that to you? Well, I did and it was so inspiring and beautiful and I loved every minute of it. When I came back to my studio I was a bit overwhelmed by all of the beauty I didn't know where to start my new series of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales paintings.

So before I started looking at my photos to find something meaningful to paint I just started to paint. It just came from my mind....usually, these are like warm-up paintings, but this was a true memory.

My painting of my memory of an Irish landscape

I really loved the rawness of it. the wet-on-wet techniques that just bloomed in all the right places. I'm not sure if it just speaks to me, but I thought it was worth showing anyone, but I did. I posted it in a group, not sure which one, but it was one of my many Watercolor/Ireland ones. And to my surprise, someone made a comment. Not a nice one, but one that took the joy out of my memory. I usually don't let any derogatory statements bother my artwork, but for some reason, this comment really bothered me. I stopped showing the painting, and put it under the bed (the place where I save my not-so-good art) I thought maybe I offended a person from Ireland

As I was looking for something else I saw this painting again, I still loved it and I wanted to look at it again as ART and see why I took that unwanted comment to heart. The painting has a good composition it has lines, colors, and all the components of a good painting, so I took it out from under the bed. I have it in my studio to prove to myself, art is not the same for everyone. Like my times of depression and lack of self-worth, those thoughts come back and I need to be sure not to let them ruin my joy, I love this painting and what it means to me, Not just the colors, or the thoughts and memories of Ireland, but the fact that it is my memory, my painting, and I like it

People make comments about Art all the time, I should know that is irrelevant to the meaning or my skill as a painter. I think it is more than a comment. Don't let someone else's opinion of your art stop you....keep going, face your memories, and paint them. remember what your mother said when you were young....."Practice makes Perfect".......get out your brushes and paint.


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