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My Celtic Journey 21, Is almost coming to an end...ALMOST...not really...Meeting my friend Marty

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

This was day 11 Thursday, May the evening. After a full day of Derry and the City Walk and the Giant's Causeway, I had scheduled an evening out with my friend Marty. The back story is Marty and I met in the pool of the Galleon Resort .......many years ago. Without the fun and silly details we hit it off right away and have kept in contact even though he lives in the UK. We were always planning my visit....but with one thing or another, it didn't come to fruition until now. I am not sure who was more excited Marty or myself, but what a great reunion. Ok, yes there was a castle in the background of the hotel, Yes the one time I was able to dress for dinner, I was so excited I was holding the picture upside down. I painted a picture of a Key West House for Marty.

Too bad I never finished my piano lessons, as a kiddo, it would have been a perfect time for a song wasn't aware that Marty was a famous writer ....there is probably a more formal name for this, but I am going with FAMOUS Writer!!!!

This is the front page of a beautiful magazine!!!

I love everything in it, especially this article...

This is the first page of a two-page spread...WOWZA....

It's not easy taking a glossy picture, but this magazine is all glossy and pretty...

My next rip may have to be Mallorca!!!

I am so impressed, how can I get a subscription to this lovely magazine????? and Marty you must stay being famous and write more about other exotic places.....

On to the visit. The road our hotel was on in the city of Belfast was a beautiful road that just continues down the coast into a small town with Marty's beautiful home and AirBNB right there overlooking the Strangford Lough.

Look either home could be in the above magazine....AND he's building another AirBNB....then on to the little town ....The first one is called Brent Cove ... I'll send the link when I can....figure it out... the link is at the bottom of the blog....but I think you have to copy and paste it to your browser... it's worth it....

Before we went on the ferry we had to stop in the pub for a wee drink!.....

Then we went on the ferry to sail over the Lough....which is unique as when the tide goes down the water is almost ankle-deep...then when the tide, comes it's way up.....

See, Anna was with us...she usually takes the pictures as she is a little camera shy....I don't know why she always looks good!!!!! Also look at third picture and the mossy green on rock is where the tide will rise to....amazing right?

Just a few more pictures of the town, we were talking so much I didn't take as many pictures as usual. I am so glad I got to see my friend from across the pond, Marty. The next time we meet will be in Florida!!!!!!

See what happens when you make contact and stay in to you!


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Hi Bobbin, your story and pictures are terrific, glad you got to see our part of “Gods own Country”, Marty was so pleased you were able to meet up, and you packed a lot into that evening on Strangford, Keep in touch, cheers

Marie x☘️

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