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My Celtic Journey 26 More excursions....

We went to a dinner show and had so much fun.... It started out with a glass of mead. It is also called Honey Wine. It is an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting honey. It is really good....and it's one of the oldest alcoholic beverages ever made. Mead is not beer or wine; it only has 3 ingredients...honey yeast, and water. Its alcoholic content is between 6 and 20 I liked Mead. the mead was given to us as we entered a shop....where I purchased my orange Irish sweater....Anna stopped me from buying the store out...dinner was upstairs. It was called the Legendary Women of Ireland. I thought it would be like a lecture after we ate, but it was a show, with costumes and singing and dancing, mixed with a bit of history. I was busy shopping so again I didn't take any pictures....

We also went for a Night at the pub and also had a great time! On this excursion, we all were to get 2 free drinks. I decided I wanted Baileys on ice, it's like a desert. This place was full of atmosphere, it was small, but we all fit in. As we were being waited on, the singer came over to me and asked my name and where I was from, and did I like Country music? I said yes I do, but I hope to hear Irish music as I am learning all about the Irish culture. With that, he went to someone else...little did I know he thought he was George Jones in disguise.

It's not my foot... it is a singing video! He is really good!

Now the story is 2 drinks. So one of my fellow tour buddies asks the waitress for his 2nd drink and he motions that he wants the same as I had....the waitress didn't quite understand and thought he was buying me a when I got the drink I was surprised....She said that gentleman over there got this for I looked he was laughing as I was gesturing he wanted the drink...So then she understood...I was fine...singing along ...then she comes back with another Baileys for me because she made a mistake.....Well, you must know me by Baileys on an empty stomach is fun, but three is even more fun!!!! I had THREE Bailey's!!!

ps: Note my beautiful Orange Irish sweater! I may not get too much use of it in Florida, but I will wait for a cool spell....or turn the air to a low temp

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