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My Celtic tour 19

Could I be at a loss for words? No... I kissed the Blarney Stone! I don't want to be too repetitive with my adjectives of this beautiful land. Today we went to Sligo-Derry which is famous for its literary heritage, rugged countryside, and many ruins of Sligo Abby. It is in the North of Ireland and it straddles the Garavogue River where it meets Sligo bay. It is a coastal seaport within the western province of Connacht. Sligo (SLY-goh) means abounding in shells....or Irish Sligeach means Shelly river.

This is the tartan plan for Sligo, I think it should have some shells in its design, but that's just me....after all, Sligo is synonymous with shells.

One famous person is a woman named Countess Markiewicz.

Countess Markiewicz is a legendary rebel and pioneer, in Irish history. She fought for women's rights. She was a nationalist, and labor activist in the early 20th-century Irish independence movement. There was also William Butler Yeats, Bram Stoker, and Sandy Kelly the Sligo queen of country music....and many more.

Some pictures of a BOG in Dooish - Cashelnaean.... The bog is another word for wetlands. Also known as Mire, Mosses, Quagmire, and muskeg.....good to know if you ever need to be well versed in wetlands. I don't care what you call them they are really pretty...and may become a watercolor painting...I have so many to choose from.

Some pretty homes, and hotels along the way..

Some shops ...they don't have Take Out.....they have Take Away...I think I like it!!!

They play soccer, but they call it foot ball. and they have many different kinds of football.....Michael the tour guide was very much into it and would tell us the scores every morning. He did explaining all the different kinds and all the leagues and so on and so forth. But I still have no idea what he was talking about.....except it was foot ball.....haha...just like when Gary explains Football at home...he may be talking in a different language....and I say oh that's interesting...... I like the blue uniforms...I'll

root for them.......he gets crazy...and then ignores me...and I go to Amazon and win!

The river in the first two pictures is called the River Foyle and it separates parts of County Donegal from parts o County Londonderry and County Tyrone.

This statue is called Hands Across the Divide, in Derry (Londonberry) in Carlisle Square. It depicts two men reaching out to each other, but not touching. A SYMBOL which reflects here all the complexity of the conflict in Northern Ireland, opposing the Republicans to the Loyalists. This Monument was created by Maurice Harron, an eminent sculptor from Derry, in 1992. His wish was to represent the conflict that they say is still raging in Derry through attacks and assassinations perpetrated by each side since the 1960's.

When the houses that were attached all looked the same, the owners had to paint their doors different colors so they wouldn't enter the wrong home....although that could be interesting.....The cathedral with six turrets is Saint Eugene's Cathedral, it is the Roman Catholic Cathedral, built-in 1849. The church in the middle with only one tower is Saint Augustine's Church a neo-Gothic church built-in 1872.

In Northern Ireland, some political statements are painted on the walls of buildings. They are very political and still show the strife of years past. You would think that these feelings were long gone, but I think they are still in the eyes of many.

These are pictures from our walk on the city walls.

It was an amazing walk...and you know I am not in the least bit public anyway, but this impressed me so much, that after all this time it can still harbor unrest. Peace is my motto .......

Well, I think we have to wait until the next Celtic journey installment to see the Giant's causeway....... this was a lot!

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