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My Celtic Tour Installment 7

This is still day 3 but it is all about the Blair Castle.

This is the story of the Atholl Family, their history, and their Castle. This castle is one that has kept its history even keeping all its furnishings. It even has a section, which was not available to tour that the family still lives in. I want to live in a Castle.

Over 19 generations the Stewarts and Murrys of Atholl have been adventurers, politicians, Jacobites, Royalists, entrepreneurs, agriculturists, soldiers, and scholars. and all have in some way made their mark on this Beautiful Castle.

Look at picture 3 (top right). That left part of the Castle is where the family lives. By the way....have you seen any rain???? We kept checking the weather and we were really lucky, I told everyone I brought the Florida sunshine with me..they believed me,

Okay, from top left to right....The Hall of antliers...I'm thinking it's a great place to dry laundry. the chair is 3 centuries old...maybe no one sat on it. They had all these alcoves for the windows....I'm thinking what a great place to read or sketch. But it's not really an alcove, it is just how thick the walls of the castle are, had to be careful of enemy attacks. the middle pictures are from the rooms, and the cool is that, I might like to take a sled ride on that?

The bottom row, has some kind of gaming table, I forgot to ask, so I don't know exactly what it is, but it would be a great puzzle table. Then one of the many Family ancestral trees, and finally some medals that were awarded to the family.

I'm in for living in a castle, just concerned again about the bathroom facilities, I bet the family home has been remodeled with a great kitchen and bathroom ensuite. I'll never know for sure.

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