My Celtic Tour Installment 8 ...the STONES

The stones.......Ahaaa the stones. Anyone who is a fan of Outlander, the books, or the TV show will understand about the stones. Short version, the main character Clair touches the stones and is time-traveled back centuries. Soooooo, after watching an episode, Gary says to me very SERIOUSLY "Your not going to touch any stones are you?" I said, "I'm touching EVERY stone!!!"

Soo... here are a few stone pictures.

We are at Clava Cairns,or actually, Michael telling us about the stones, and circles and going into the back street to where they were. Stuart was an excellent driver. Still wouldn't let me help.

Here is my excitement with the stones. Im getting ready to touch, I touch, and Im gone....haha..not really, I wasn't ready for a past century time travel...I'

m still wondering about the bathroom facilities.....