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My Celtic Tour Installment 9 Edinburg Castle

Oh my goodness, what a beautiful city. The architecture is stunning ...and even in this old city, there is road construction. (Seems road construction is everywhere on this earth.)

These are photos of the ride into the city. LOOK at the last one bottom right....that is a PALM tree....who knew they could survive in this climate.

That was Haggis, those little golden nuggets on the plate, I had a tiny tiny taste, but was afraid to actually eat it...look up ingredients and you'll know why. Se construction? that was in front of our hotel... This is the evening, that we celebrated Robert Burns and Haggis, it was a fun celebration in which I did not participate in the drinking of the insides are too delicate for a whisky of any kind, even the best Scottish Whisky.

A real treat for you .......playing of the Scottish Bagpipes, by a man in a kilt. Kilts are frequently seen all around town, by the average fellow. I thought they only wore them when they were in a special production like the famous Tattoo. The Tattoo in only done in August, we were a few months too soon. It is s series of tattoos performed by the British Armed Forces, Commonwealth, and international Military band and it is done on the Esplanade of Edinburgh Castle. When I go back for my next visit it must be in August to experience this.

So you ready for the Edinburgh Castle?

Edinburg Castle is a beautiful fortress on a mountain. You can see the walking slope upwards and the views from above. This is what I would think a castle would be like. inside the circular parts of the castle are other buildings that are interesting in their own right. This is where I obtained my family crest for both Geiger & Burns.

There are so many beautiful things to show off. Can imagine sitting at that table for dinner? Inside one of the outbuildings is a memorial to all the soldiers that have fought for their country. My emotions got the best of me and I just felt the great loss of mankind, so I said a few prayers. What I found so interesting was the flags of the different clans. Truly amazing. I'm getting a little emotional again, soldiers fighting for their beliefs.

I don't know why the Palace Gardens were closed, but I don't think we would have had time to meander through such beautifulness.

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