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New Beginnings in Watercolor

Every day when you wake up it is a new beginning. I have shared lots of my prior feelings of darkness, but not anymore. It is something that I chose to not relive. Took me many years to find joy in my colors. I am not looking back. I thought that other women who have been in that darkness would follow me in my color, but I don't really think that can happen unless they are aware that they are in darkness. I didn't know until I was in that darkness, depression, and lack of self-esteem until I was out of it. So unless you ask me about that past, I'm not going there. I sure would like to help others and am still willing to address it with others, but I will be focusing on the colors of the future. I will and mine with

Who is in it with me? Please don't be afraid to share with anyone who needs Color...a new hobby or just some good fun and lots of Silly.

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