New Year with Bobbins Watercolor

Happy first Monday of the year 2021!. Let's all make this the best year ever. Let's take care of ourselves, our loved ones, and even our neighbors. This past year is in the past, let's not dwell on it anymore. We will still have to continue with its new protocols, but let's get back to normal.

I have not been normal for years now, what exactly is normal? I love crazy hats, Flamingos, art, and most of all COLOR. All kinds of art, I love museum art, craft art, doodle art, watercolor, acrylic, mixed media, and I am going to do all of it this year. I will continue with my favorite watercolor, and my watercolor classes on-line, but I will add some new creative media that I want to try or just revisit.

I watched a documentary on Edith Lake Wilkenson, a Providence Town Artist, whose art had been packed in a trunk in the attic for 50 years or so. She was one of the many white line printers of the time, in fact, she was the first one of the artists to print in that medium. (her art was dated a year before the other artists.) It is a very interesting movie, and this is the new medium I am going to try to do.

It make take my longer to do this as I am not so good with sharp really...But I may use linoleum rather than wood, for that reason. I'll keep you posted find me on Facebook, as I will post my steps into white line printing. In the meantime, look up the movie and watch it!

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