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Talkative Tuesday

Here we are in a world of division. We are either one way or the other, one side or the other, one thought or the other. What can we do about this? I am not happy as many are not happy with the present state of our Country, or World. What can I do? I can pray for peace and understanding. I am on the side that all humans no matter what, are just humans.

I was reading an Art History Book by HW Janson, and was surprised to see that the first words I read were about the general public's views of art and the "Art Experts". The subject matter was all about how Art is categorized as ART. The general public may not like Picasso's Bull's Head from 1943, as it is made from an old bike. The handlebars for the horns and the seat for the head. How does that constitute being art? It is just a matter of opinion, which leads to sides, you love it or you hate it... So the depiction of even a simple form of Art has two sides. Everyone has an opinion and a right to voice it. Does this matter? YES. We can choose the wrong path to justice or an intelligent peaceful path to justice. And we can all still have our opinions. Since not one of us is exactly the same there are many opinions...and not one is the Absolute correct one.

In a recent incident that impacted all of us, humans, each in its own personal way. We humans should take this one incident and deal with it accordingly. Not divide all humans further from peace and solutions.

Just my humble opinion.

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