The end of my Celtic Journey 22....maybe, maybe not

Updated: Jun 7

This is the official last day of the tour. Michael has been directing our tour with many fun facts, and soccer scores, and great places to eat, but...He kept saying that we must listen as there would be a test at the end of the tour and if we failed we would have to take another tour with him and Stuart until we could pass.......We all wanted to fail, but alas we still had to go and catch our flights...

So without further adieu, I will share the last day. While still in Belfast we went to the Titanic EXperience Museum. I'll tell you right now, I wasn't thrilled as I have been to many a Titanic exhibit and thought it would be the same. I was WRONG. It was a beautiful museum and so much more interesting than anything I had experienced before. First off it was right where the Titanic was built. My friend Marty told us that each corner of the 3-story building was made to replicate the size of the bow of the Titanic ship. Massive. The first picture is showing the poles that go on the way down the pier, in two rows. Between those poles is where they built the Titanic. My photo isn't as good as I wanted it to be to show exactly how big....but you can't even see the ends of where those poles are....The 2nd & 3rd photos show the size of the ship....look how little the front door is in comparison..

Once inside it was even bigger, at least it seemed that way.....Still some lasting political signage, and lots of information about Belfast. In photo #1 you can see a rope line on the

floor...that was what we followed to see each display. Belfast Ropeworks made the ropes, they used flax to weave the massive ropes.