The Journey of my Celtic Tour #2A

Updated: Jun 28

The Journey of my Celtic Tour
Part 2-A

Preparation & Lessons Learned:

Should I go into the trials and tribulations of what to take on a tour to Ireland? I think it might be a good idea. It could save you a headache or two if you are planning on taking a tour…. Ok, just a little info. If you are going to go to a cold, rainy climate you definitely need a raincoat and umbrella and possibly rain boots. If you use a backpack you need to have one that is lightweight and rainproof. I had all of these and more. You will probably go on to look on the internet for what to take on a 13-day trip to Ireland. That info is way too much…… I did not need, binoculars, special soap to wash clothes, extra sweaters, or a special water bottle. I didn’t need special clothes for evening dinners, special shoes, or even my i-pad. So

I took too much, but I still had a great time and looked good doing it…. at least I think I did.

Lessons I learn