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The Journey of my Celtic Tour #2A

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

The Journey of my Celtic Tour
Part 2-A

Preparation & Lessons Learned:

Should I go into the trials and tribulations of what to take on a tour to Ireland? I think it might be a good idea. It could save you a headache or two if you are planning on taking a tour…. Ok, just a little info. If you are going to go to a cold, rainy climate you definitely need a raincoat and umbrella and possibly rain boots. If you use a backpack you need to have one that is lightweight and rainproof. I had all of these and more. You will probably go on to look on the internet for what to take on a 13-day trip to Ireland. That info is way too much…… I did not need, binoculars, special soap to wash clothes, extra sweaters, or a special water bottle. I didn’t need special clothes for evening dinners, special shoes, or even my i-pad. So

I took too much, but I still had a great time and looked good doing it…. at least I think I did.

Lessons I learned: take heed you may need this info later on.

  • I can buy anything I need there.

  • I am not a backpack person.

  • No one cares what you are wearing.

  • Be sure all the wheels on your suitcase work, BEFORE you leave on the trip.

  • If you are using packing cubes, either label the outside of them or buy clear ones.

  • Use the plastic shower caps to put around your dirty sneakers if you have more than one pair.

  • Yes, bring more than one pair.

  • Don’t bring your dancing shoes, you will NOT need them. (Yes I did!)

Take the rain boots, scarfs, caps, gloves, umbrella, and raincoat in the backpack…you can leave that on the coach. Bring your purse with your wallet, masks, wipes or hand sanitizer, acetaminophen, phone or camera, and tissues.

  • Remember if you need any of the above…. it does no good in the suitcase, which is in the boot of the coach.

  • Yes!!!!! you will need acetaminophen, especially if your ankles mine (too much salt will do that no matter how much you watch what you are eating.

  • Try the Haggis at your own risk, drink the Guinness and add Bailies to the diet it's delish!

  • A big must is BRINGING your smile and sense of humor. Remember singing and dancing is good even if you are doing it in your own mind.

  • Don't Lose your Silly!

This is the "Beast"...notice that front wheel? It has a mind of its own.... A new Suitcase maybe in may be my future, if we do a tour.

Oh, One other a suitcase/luggage scale and bring it with you on the trip. I will save you worry on the way to the airport.

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