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The Way to get Started is to Quit talking and begin Doing.

This is a quote from Walt Disney. I think It can be used in many many ways in our daily lives. Right now I am in the waiting game for a beautiful bathroom remodel to be completed I have a cloud of fine dust all over everything in my home. I don't think it would be a great idea to start cleaning now and then have to do it again when all is complete. I am keeping the kitchen clean and the general dusting and vacuuming, but the COMPLETE dust removal will have to wait ...In the meantime what can I do to get started??????

What can you do to get started??????

I think it is a matter of the mind. I can accomplish a lot even if I have the dust....or any roadblock. Look at your goals..... don't have any? Make some. Could be as simple as checking and deleting emails (I had a few million it seemed like, after the trip).

These are my goals for the next few weeks. I am off to a good start with the first one.

First goal:

What I wanted to accomplish after my trip, was not a stay in the hospital the other not a week off my foot due to a fall on my ankle. I really wanted to complete the blog about my Celtic turned into 21 blogs....and that was only the actual tour part. I am going to continue posting blogs with pictures of flowers, animals, houses, and our fun dinners. So I did accomplish something, I even painted a few small paintings while on the couch. I always find a way to paint.

Since I was off my feet I did a lot of computer things I had been putting off.

  • Uploading all the pictures to my Forever account.

  • Seeing if I can make the blogs into a book...with my beautiful pictures.

  • Taking some online mini-courses about online marketing.

  • Scheduling a conference with a virtual assistant, and using his/her expertise to help market

  • Add some memorabilia to my Sketchbook from the trip.

  • Get some rest and refuel....the hospital stay was due to anemia, and I had to rest.....I feel rested now but will continue to follow up with Dr. I really have to think about pacing myself....I am not a youngster anymore, even if my Dad would call me Kiddo.....

  • Finding a good cleaning company that can do a really good job with the fine dust.....

**** None of this was hard, it was just the point of writing it down and doing it.

Second Goal:

After all, this is in place I intend to continue to paint some bigger pictures of my Ireland Journey. Continue to paint the illustrations for my book Silly Selma. They are both different types of painting so I can switch off, Ireland is more fine Art and Silly Selma is very whimsical!!!!

Was that hard????.

How about thinking about the goals in a timely manner?

Daily goal

Weekly Goal

Monthly goal

You can even start with just one thing on your goals, like organizing the closet or emptying the email trash. As you finish one goal you can feel accomplished for the day or add another. (and feel doubly accomplished.) Don't let anything stop you.....

So I think you get the drift of the daily, weekly, and monthly goals, and once your feel secure with that you can set yourself a short-term goal and a long-term goal.

The short term could be a 6-month goal and the long term could be a yearly goal. Or as I do, a Yearly goal and a 5-year goal.

Trust me it will help....and if you like to do something special, like take the grands for ice cream.. do it!!!!! That will give you joy and refuel your soul so you can get on with the other goals!

Brunch with some of my family.......Its really hard to get all five kids and their families together, so I take what I can and love the smiles!!!!


with Silly and fun!!!!

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